”I’ve had the pleasure of cooperating with Magnus at several occasions when organising appropriate entertainment for Scandinavian congress delegates. Besides a lovely voice and excellent accompaniment on the guitar or lute, Magnus has an unusually large repertoire. In addition, his language skills enable him to perform in many other European languages, too, than just those of Scandinavia. I recommend him most warmly!” (Mikael Forss, Director, Kela Social Insurance Institution of Finland, 2015)

“When we want to be sure that all guest are happy we call Magnus. Our customers come from many parts of the world and have very high demands on quality – both on our boats and the rest of the programme.” (Kaj and Tuula Gustavsson, Nauticat Yachts, Finland, 2015)

“We were all overwhelmed when Magnus sang for us at Hämeenlinna Castle. “Finland’s best troubadour” was my conclusion.” (Maj-Britt Johansson, Office Manager, Editor-in-Chief, Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association, 2007)

“Everybody’s comfortable when Magnus does his job.” (Jukka Viinanen, President and Chief Executive Officer, Orion-yhtymä Oyj. Ltd, 2007)

“He makes a quiet entrée, almost as if he were shy. He has a very beautiful voice. Quietly he presents the following piece, song by song, and an interesting story emerges: what happened next? … And what a rich repertoire! He seems to have something for each and everyone, in French or Estonian, you name it. Before the programme is over, his quiet humour has enchanted the girl from Iceland and the señorita from Spain alike. Just like troubadours used to in the olden days, so I’ve heard.”
(after Magnus’ performance at the banquet of the European Association for Professional Secretaries conference in Turku Castle in October 1988.)(Dorothy Konn, Chief Executive Secretary, Orion-yhtymä Oyj. Ltd.)


“When everything has to fit in and everybody’s a bit nervous, Magnus does his job calmly and elegantly before kings, queens and presidents.”
Eva-Lisa Makkonen
Municipal Secretary
Turku City Office