I’ve got no kick against modern jazz. That’s very much my attitude. I enjoy delivering a tango, a mambo, a samba or whatever whenever needed. But there’s a limit: I never could bring myself to liking punk – or atonal modern jazz – nor have I ever performed any.”

A Master of Arts (Åbo Akademi, Finland) and with a DPFE qualification (Université de Franche-Comté, France), Magnus is fluent in Swedish, Finnish, French and English, and, besides making himself readily understood in Swedish with other Scandinavians, he reads and speaks German, Estonian and Russian as well.

Evergreens in English: A Wonderful World, Georgia on My Mind, Hotel California, Love Me Tender, Nights in White Satins, Rock’n Roll Music, White Christmas, Yesterday and other Beatles songs, etc., etc.

Evergreens in other languages: Besame mucho, Granada, Guantanamera, La Golondrina, O Sole Mio, Santa Lucia, etc.

French chansons: Les feuilles mortes, La mer, Au bois de mon coeur, Prendre un enfant par la main, Comme un soleil, Pauvre Ruteboeuf etc.

German songs: Lorelei, Heidenröslein, Heimziehend, Ein Bisschen Frieden, Weihnachtskind kommt ja bald und andere Weihnachtslieder etc.

Songs in Scandinavian languages: lots of songs by Evert Taube, Cornelis Vreeswijk and Dan Andersson, Tapio Rautavaara, Reino Helismaa, Vexi Salmi, J Karjalainen, and a few in Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic. Some by Estonian jazz composer Raimond Valgre.

Russian songs: Kalinka, Stenka Razin, and other traditionals, various romances.

Renaissance songs and other classical: La Belle si ton âme, Tourdion, Come Again (and other songs by Dowland, Rosseter and Campion), Es ist ein Schnee gefallen, Una furtive lagrima etc.

Traditionals in many European languages including Czech and Slovak, Dutch, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish etc.

And in Japanese: Sakura and Shiroi hananga saiteta.